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** Open at 10.00am every Friday ** NOW HIRING ** CALL 01706-711100 TO JOIN OUR TEAM ** Open again with COVID protocols in place ...... All ladies are Covid free. Horny n ready for work .............

 11.00 - 20.00Late
Monday :Carla NEW, Adele BACKCoco, Amy
Tuesday :Kiely NEW, Electra off ill, Adele on way to coverAshley, Maria, Melissa
Wednesday :Melissa, Adele BACKCoco, Cindy
Thursday :Maria, CarlaMaria, Carla
Friday :Christine, CocoParis, Coco, Cindy
Saturday :Carla, Adele BACKSasha, Sam, Maria
Sunday :Kiely, HarleyMcKenzie, Carla, Poppy